If you’re looking to buy a divan, the first thing you need to answer is what actually is a divan bed base? After all a divan base with drawers is among the most popular style of bed in Britain.

The definition of a divan bed base is pretty broad. It’s simply a sturdy wooden frame base, which is padded or upholstered in a durable fabric. This allows for a lot of variation in design.

Divan bases come in a range of colours and textures, though they always be in a hard wearing fabric that will match the lifespan of the wooden frame.  You can also get them in any size, from a smaller kids divan base right through to a super king size.

This versatility is only one of the reasons that divan bases are a top bed choice. They can also be excellent space savers.

While some beds with a divan base only have solid, fabric covered sides, you can also get a divan bed with storage underneath. Most commonly this comes in the form of drawers. Deep, broad drawers that pull right out and are perfect for squirrelling away towels, bedding and all those bulky soft furnishings it can be so hard to home.

For even tighter spaces, without room to even pull drawers out, you can get an ottoman divan bed with storage. With an ottoman divan base, the top of the bed is hinged. You can then lift it up, and store less frequently used belongings underneath.

The simple construction of this style of base means that they have a lovely long lifespan. You may want to update your mattress every 7 years, but this doesn’t have to mean investing in a new base as well.

And divan bed bases even have one more final ace to play. Though they are very durable, they’re also easy to move. A lot of styles will sit on castor wheels, while the basic wood frame ensures they are lightweight.

When it comes to cleaning, moving or even changing your sheets, this maneuverability bonus is guaranteed to make your life easier.

By now you’re probably convinced a divan base could be for you. Here’s some more information to help you highlight exactly which divan bed is the right one for you.

Types of Divan Bed Bases

As well as visual appearance, storage options and size, there are three more variations in divan bed base design. These relate to the top of the base, which is the part that the mattress sits on.

Sprung Edge Divan Bases

Technically the name of a sprung edge base is a little misleading. It seems to almost imply that only the edges of the base are sprung.

In actual fact, the definition of a sprung edge divan base is one where a series of small springs form a layer that runs edge-to-edge along the entire top of the base. The edges are sprung, but so is the whole top.

This layer is almost like a mini-mattress itself, sitting between the base and the mattress. This extra layer of cushioning makes the It makes the bed incredibly soft. This means that it gives flexible support.

A sprung edge divan base can really up that sensation of ‘sinking’ into a warm, soft bed at the end of a long tiring day.

Should you get a sprung edge divan base?

There are plenty of benefits to having a sprung edge divan base.

One benefit that is purely practical is that it can increase the lifespan of your mattress. This is because the layer of springs provide a cushioning effect for the mattress, protecting it. It absorbs some of the pressure, helping the springs inside the mattress last longer.

For a lot of people, the deep, comforting embrace created by a sprung mattress is a benefit in itself. That incredible softness is a luxury to lie on.

Of course, not everyone enjoys sleeping on something so soft. If you’re after a firm, supported night’s sleep, then a sprung edge divan is probably not for you.

And those who do dream of a softly sweet sleep on a cloud-like bed, the main drawback of a sprung edge divan is the cost.

Those extra springs do come at something of a premium. It’s the most expensive type of divan, making you pay for that luxury feel.

Firm Edge Divan Bases

When it comes to the question of what is a firm edge divan base, the answer is: something of a compromise.

Like a sprung edge one, a firm edge base still has a layer of springs across the top of it. With a firm edge though, this layer doesn’t reach the sides, leaving a rim of wooden frame around it.

This means it provides a slightly firmer support for your mattress. A slightly more stable sleep surface for you.

Should you get a firm edge divan base?

Firm edge divan bases are significantly cheaper than sprung edge ones. Simply because they have less springs in them. This gives them an obvious appeal for people who are looking for less than firm support that won’t break the bank.

The firm edge also tackles a potential issue that some people report with sprung edge mattress.

Occasionally, it is said that having springs all the way to the edge of the divan bed base can make it feel like you are slipping or rolling over the side of the bed at times.

This sensation only affects some individuals, certainly not everyone. However it is not a fun way to feel, and can be a dealbreaker when it comes to a potentially ‘luxury’ price tag.

As the springs don’t run to the edge, a firm edge divan base addresses this problem completely. You get the comfort of a softer bed, without worrying you may slip over board in the night.

If you’re looking for a soft, bouncy bed, which enhances the give of your mattress but don’t want to way premium prices, a firm edge divan can be the perfect middle ground.

Solid Top Divan Bases

A solid top divan base doesn’t have any sprung layer at the top at all. It is constructed purely of a wooden frame, a wooden top, and the fabric upholstery.

This type of base is also known as a ‘hard’ or ‘boarded’ top, which give a good indication of what to expect from a base with a solid top.

The support it gives is far firmer than any type of sprung top by quite a way.

Should you get a solid top divan base?

If you like firm support when you sleep, then a solid top divan base is definitely the one for you. Paired with a firm mattress, they can give ultimate support to your back if you struggle on a soft surface.

The lack of springs also tend to make them cheaper, which is an obvious bonus.

Their rigidity also makes solid top bases perfect for orthopedic mattress.

Divan Bed Base Heights

One thing to note about divan bed bases: they usually stand a little taller than your average frame. This is for a number of reasons. It could be to allow for the storage underneath or for a robust frame structure.

Obviously the depth of your mattress will have a big impact on the height of the bed. However the average divan bed base is nearly 16 inches WITHOUT a mattress. The addition of a mattress will up that height by at least 6 more inches. Pop a particularly thick modern mattress (10-15inches) on top of a divan base and it can feel struggle just to get in to bed. Let alone get out of it.

This height may cause a problem older people or for anyone with reduced mobility.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule. There are a range of love divan bed base options available. If you are particularly struggling to find a low divan base, you can even speak to a bespoke manufacturer, who should be able to build one that meets your needs.