There are lots of different bed sizes to choose from, so deciding which one is best for your needs can become a little complicated. Knowing which bed size is the biggest or knowing what bed is smaller than a double can leave you a little confused when shopping around.

If you’re looking to buy a single bed, do you go for a standard size or a small? Or maybe you’re looking for a double bed? Should you go for a small double, a standard double bed or even a king size could be the one for you.

Whatever questions you might have, Big Warehouse Sale stock a range of beds in many different sizes and if you’re not quite sure which one is right for you, there are a few things that are worth knowing that might make the decision a little easier. In this handy guide we’re going to take a closer look at each size, helping you to decide which bed size is right for you.

How Many Bed Sizes Are There?

It’s not unusual to assume there are only three bed sizes available; single, double and king size. And while these are the most common sizes, there are actually six standard sizes to choose from that are readily available in the UK. We’ll take a closer look at these six standard sizes later on in the guide.

It doesn’t end there though, there are actually a further six bed sizes to choose from, however these don’t tend to be a popular choice in the UK. If you’re curious to know more about what these six additional bed sizes are, let us explain:

Euro Single – This bed size is slightly longer in length than a standard single, measuring 200cm in length as opposed to the standard 190cm. The width however, remains the same at 90cm. the additional length makes them a more suitable option for those that find their feet hang over the end of the bed.

Euro Double – Much like the Euro Single, the Euro Double has an extra 10cm in length measuring 200cm. It’s also 5cm wider than a standard double, measuring 140cm instead of 135cm.

Euro King Size – Though the length is the same as a standard king size at 200cm, the Euro is wider by 10cm at 160cm rather than 150cm.

Emperor – Essentially, an emperor bed is a huge square and is 200cm by 200cm.

Super Emperor – 30cm wider than the Emperor.

Caesar – Wider still, the Ceasar bed size is 245cm wide though the length is the same as an Emperor.

Super Caesar – The ultimate in all bed sizes, the Super Caesar is 275cm wide by 200cm in length.

Small Single Beds

As the name suggests, a small single bed is smaller than a standard single bed. Though the length is the same as standard at 190cm, they are narrower at 75cm wide. This size of bed is designed to suit a small space, they’re also a good starter bed for smaller children.

Single Beds

Single beds are usually reserved for children or as a spare bed in a small room. In terms of size, a standard single bed is 90cm wide and 190cm in length.

Small Double Beds (Queen Size)

Smaller than a double bed but larger than a single, a queen-sized bed (so called because they were traditionally reserved for women) offers sleeping space for two people, but is more suitable for a smaller space. The length of a small double is the same as both single beds and the standard double bed at 190cm long, however they’re 30cm wider than a single bed, with a width of 120cm. Though small double beds are readily available, the variety is usually limited compared to other standard sizes.

Double Beds

One of the most common bed sizes, a double bed is 135cm wide by 190cm in length making them a better option for those that prefer a little more space than a small double offers, but not quite as much as a king size. You might wonder why they’re called double beds, this is because they’re designed to be shared by two adults (though, having one all to yourself is always nice!). Those that are taller and find that they could do with a longer bed may prefer a larger bed size such as king size or super king size (assuming the space to accommodate it is available, of course).

King Size Beds

Like queen size beds, king size beds were named so as they were traditionally reserved for men, who physically tend to be larger in stature. King size beds are longer than double beds by 10cm, measuring 200cm in length. They’re also wider at 150cm. King size beds can be a little harder to accommodate if space is limited, so be sure to measure up properly before buying.

Super King Size Beds

As with standard king size beds, they measure 200cm in length but are wider somewhat wider at 180cm. Super king size beds are great for those of larger build, but you need to ensure you have the space to put one as they’re quite an imposing piece of furniture. It’s also worth considering the bedding you’ll need to buy. Generally choices can be a little limited as it’s not one of the most common sizes, so things can get quite expensive.

What Bed Size Should You Get?

There are a number of factors that should determine what size bed you should buy. Firstly, who is the bed for? If it’s for a child, it’s unlikely a double bed or larger is needed, and will just take up space that could be used for other things, where a single bed would suffice.

Likewise, if you’re a couple looking for a new bed, then you’ll require a double or larger.

The size of double bed you go for will likely be dictated by the size of your room and the size of the people sharing it. If you’re of larger build, a small double bed is unlikely going to make for a comfortable long term sleeping arrangement. On the other hand, if you’re of a smaller build, then a super king size is probably not necessary.

When it comes to room size, ideally you want enough space to be able to move comfortably around the bed, if you’re unable to do this, then a smaller bed size may be the best option.

Whatever size you choose, we hope our handy guide has helped you on your bed buying journey!